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We live in a wonderful part of the world and it would be great to be able to encourage as many people as possible to get out and enjoy it.

This Children’s Book Trail has been set up to help and encourage families to explore the local area and visit local businesses.

The Book Trail starts on Saturday 26th October

For more information or if you would like to find out how you can get involved please contact Peter either by:

 email: peter@briary.co.uk or

Phone: 07854 278774

To make the trail as interactive as possible and ensure

you get the most out of the trail please register your team by completing and submitting the form below.

If for any reason the form isn’t loading for you just email us at localinfo@briary.co.uk and let us know your Team Name (ideally Book related) and let us know the year of birth of everyone in your team (needs to be a minimum of one adult and one child) Thank you!

We have included a copy of the Book Trail booklet, which includes a copy of the Map you will need and the Trail Sheet to record what you find, in the latest edition of our Consett Directory which is being distributed around Consett from 15th October.

Copies are also being distributed by Benfieldside Primary School, Brooms Primary School, Leadgate and Delves Lane Primary School.

You can also pick up a copy of the Book Trail Booklet by visiting any of the participating business below:

Isabella’s Coffee Shop - Shotley Bridge

Wok n Go - Blackhill

Beveridges Flower Shop - Consett

Consett Library

Consett Empire

The Deli Counter - Leadgate

Cafe at Inn on the Park - Allensford

Edward’s Coffee Shop - Consett

Crazy Crocs Softplay - Consett

The Land of Oak and Iron - The Lodge Blackhill

Beveridges Nursery - Ebchester Bank

About the Trail

The trail has been set up to encourage families to explore the wonderful area we live in.

Although we have set up the trail in a way where points can be awarded and prizes won, the important thing is that as many people as possible enjoy the trail for as many or as few locations as they are able to do.

The overall theme of the trail is children’s books and the range of books you can find on trail are appropriate for pre-school children to teenagers.

We have hundreds of children’s books available as part of the trail and we would encourage children to take some books, they have enjoyed and are finished with, along with them on to swap with book they find on the trail.

Register your Team to Win Prizes

To be awarded points families should register for the trail by completing the Registration Form above and notify us of progress on the trail by completing and submitting a Feedback Form We will send a link to the form once you have registered.

Points are awarded as follows:

For each Location number on the trail:

Correct Location - 10 points

Correct Book Cover - 10 Points

Correct Character Mask - 10 points

First Team to submit correct feedback form for each location – Bonus 20 points

Teams will only be awarded points for a maximum of 8 locations each day (First 8 locations only)

Books Donated5 points for each book up to a maximum of 25 points

Pictures posted to our Consett Community Group Facebook Page with #BookTrail hashtag and including your team name and location name in the post – 5 points for each picture posted ( Maximum of 1 picture per location)

eg.    #BookTrail   #TeamBriary    Consett Library

Points will be collated and summarised each day


4 Tickets to Snow White Pantomime - Consett Empire

Large Banquet Box – Wok n Go

4 Cinema Tickets – Consett Cinema

£15 Meal Voucher – Café at Inn on the Park

£10 Gift Voucher – Edwards

Pie Face Game

2 Hand Carved Wands

Prizes Awarded for:

First Team to complete trail and find Final Secret Location

Most Points Awarded

Best Picture posted on Consett Community Group

Other Spot prizes